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Conditions for waste disposal

Conditions for delivering waste to port reception facilities

  1. The limit of types and volumes of waste is defined once on the entry to the port based on "Notification" filled before calling at the seaports of Szczecin and Świnoujście and payable tonnage fee. The limit provides for a single delivery by the ship of waste generated during its voyage from the last port of call to the seaport of Szczecin or Świnoujście.
  2.  Each consecutive notification on collection of waste submitted by the captain or the agent of the ship have to be providing to Seaport Authority on form"Declaration of waste disposal in the seaport of ..". It is subject of a special fee and applies to the limit which has not been utilized.
  3. Solid waste segregated into categories specified in point V of this document. If a company collecting waste reports hazardous waste mixed with other waste, such waste shall be classified as hazardous.
  4. Handing over solid waste and oily solid waste by the crew of a ship directly to the company collecting waste on a given means of transport.
  5. Declaring collection of all kinds of solid waste, including oily solid waste, in the quantity not smaller than 0.05 m3, this condition is not applicable if the capacity of containers on board is insufficient for waste storing.
  6. A company collecting waste may wait maximum 15 minutes to start the waste handing over procedure.
  7. Bags/containers for solid waste and oily solid waste shall be tight and adjusted to waste weight and properly marked.
  8. Gastronomic waste of 1 category from ships arriving from non EU member country placed in  hermetic packages or closed and protected against leakage in non-returnable boxes marked as "cat. 1 – strictly to removal", if the waste is not prepared for disposal it shall not be collected.
  9. The ship must be equipped with pumps for liquid oil waste and sewage.
  10. Efficient ship pumps for sewage collection.
  11. Efficient ship pumps for liquid oil waste with the efficiency not smaller than 5 m3/h for ships up to 5.000 GT and not smaller than 7.5 m3/h for ships above 5.000 GT.
  12. Oils and sludge heated to the temperature enabling efficient collection not exceeding however 60°C.
  13. Collection of liquid oil waste is conducted from the land, if the collection from the land side is not possible than collection of waste may be conducted by specialised vessels against a special fee specified in table no 4. Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority inform that until further notice is not possible delivered liquid oily waste in port of Szczecin and Świnoujście from the water side.
  14. In order to ensure safety, reception of waste from ships is conducted from sunrise to sunset with minimum visibility of 1Mm, wind speed up to 4°B  and sea condition up to 2 (waves to 0,5 m). The reception is conducted exclusively by using the ships’ pumps, the facilities must be set front to the water, waste reception unit must be moored to ship’s side. The pipe used for reception liquid oily waste shall not be longer than 30 m and shall be connected to ship’s deck and the waste reception unit.
  15. Liquid oil waste shall be free of solid and chemical contamination.
  16. Standard hedged coupling shall meet the provisions of the MARPOL Convention.
  17. Waste cannot be contaminated by pathogenic micro-organisms causing epidemiological threat.
  18.  Waste is delivered according to a declaration previously sent to PHICS system in "Notification", which is equal to ordering waste collection.
  19. Collection of solid waste, sewage and exhaust gas cleaning residues is conducted only from the land side; if collection of waste is impossible from the land side then waste is not collected.
  20. In case of demanding by the captain/agent of the ship collection of waste in time less than 24 hours since it was declared to disposal a special fee shall be charged.
  21. In case of sending "Information to be notified before entry into the seaport" and "Declaration of waste disposal in the seaport of ... " within 6 hours before the ship leaves the port, captain/ agent of the ship must be aware that waste declared to be disposed. especially liquid oil waste, may not be collected.
  22. Waste from ships moored at the quays belonging to entities managing shipyards and bases reloading are received by the Szczecin and Świnoujście Ports Authority with the exception of situations where the reception of all types of waste provides a shipyard as part of the services it provides repair. Then in the "Information to be notified before entry into the port of…" the captain/ agent of the ship indicates that waste collection is made shipyards under contract for the service overhaul.
    Waste collection, moreover, can not be made if it is technically impossible or danger to third parties.


If a ship fails to observe the timing, terms and conditions of waste collection, Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority shall apply a special fee.