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Collection procedure

Procedure for notification of wastes generated on ships, procedure for collecting waste from ships and providing information about insufficient capacity of port waste reception facilities

Informing using PHICS (control and information) system before entering the seaport

  1. The captain/agent of the ship, calling from sea to the seaport in Szczecin or to the seaport in Świnoujście is obliged to provide, "Information to be notified before entry into the port", so called "Notification", using a system of control and information for Polish ports (PHICS)
  2. The captain/agent of the ship is responsible for providing accurate and true data in the "Notification" with regard to type, quantity and composition of waste on board.
  3. The deadlines for submitting  the notification to PHICS system:
  • at least 24 hours before a ship enters the port,
  • immediately after the ship’s captain obtains the information determining the port of destination, if it has not been known 24 hours before reaching the port of destination,
  • prior to leaving the last port at the latest - if the time of voyage to the port of destination is less than 24 hours.

Informing using port system for the ships not entering the seaport

  1. Captain/agent of the ship not entering the seaport, such as ships of seaport service (cranes, tugs, scows, pontoons, etc.), ship at berth or repaired who wants to dispose waste to port reception facilities shall fill the electronic form "Declaration of waste disposal in the seaport of ... " and send it by e-mail to:

The Port Dyspatcher Department - Szczecin and Świnoujście Seaports Authority

e-mail: dyspozytor@port.szczecin.pl

  1. To open and save form file on a local disc please dowload and install free Adobe Reader XI available here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/.
  2. Waste reception from the ships mentioned above is conducted in agreement with captain/agent of the ship and regarding the time necessary to prepare entities collecting waste to waste reception from ships.

Confirmation of waste reception from ships and informing of insufficient capacity of port reception facilities

  1. The forms "Information to be notified before entry into the port" and "Declaration of waste disposal in the seaport of ..." constitute an order of waste reception service. 
  2. Waste collecting company agrees the deadline for waste collection with the captain/agent of the ship. After the service has been performed the captain of the ship receives "Confirmation of the waste reception from the ship" detailing the amounts and types of waste collected and conditions and terms which have not been complied with.
  3.  The captain of the ship or its agent is obliged to sign the "Confirmation of the waste reception from the ship" issued on the waterfront by the recipient of waste, giving the audience all the data required by the form "Confirmation".
  4. Should the reception of waste indicated in the "Notification" be impossible, or there is no other way of reception for a certain type of waste ,then the collection company informs the captain/agent of the ship about this fact. The Port Dyspatcher Department issues to the captain/agent a "Certificate on the impossibility of waste reception from the ship" in Polish and in English, indicating the nearest port or sea harbour to dispose waste.