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Invitation to tenders

Tender objective Date Announcement Documents Contact Status
To select the Lessee to sign a 30-year lease agreement for the developed part of plot of land no. 3/14, section 1084 in Szczecin, with an area of 12,571.00m², together with fixed assets, which form part of the subject of the lease

Anouncement of a tender EWA silo

Maciej Adamkiewicz - room no. 327, tel. +48 91 430-83-54, email: m.adamkiewicz@port.szczecin.pl
Anita Gernand - room no. 309, tel. +48 91 430-86-10, email: a.gernand@port.szczecin.pl
Agnieszka Rosiak - room no. 339, tel. +48 91 430-89-39, email: a.rosiak@port.szczecin.pl