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The Documentation shall include the following materials:

  1. Information about the location of the property,
  2. Information about the use the property,
  3. Offers evaluation algorithm and the method of evaluation,
  4. Timetable for the proceedings,
  5. Pre-agreement – essential provisions,
  6. Lease agreement – essential provisions.

In order to download the Documentation, the Participant of the Proceedings should send a message in Polish by e-mail to the following address:

The message mentioned above must contain at least the following information:
a) The name of the author of the message;
b) A telephone number to contact the author of the message, along with an international area code;
c) an indication of which person or organization is interested in participating in the Proceedings (full name and address of the registered office);
d) the e-mail address to which the information enabling the documentation download is to be sent.

A message with an individual link and password to download the Documentation will be sent to the e-mail address referred to above.

No responses shall be given to any applications that do not meet the requirements described above.

Information regarding the processing of personal data